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San Francisco, Chicago. 

Two great food towns! 

Real food. Real people. Real fun. That’s photographer/filmmaker Scott Peterson's approach. For more than 25 years, Scott’s been keeping his clients happy with his delicious images. His passion for food (ask him about his technique for smoking ribs) is matched only by his precision of light and appetite appeal in every shot.

Scott aims to bring the beautiful light of the Dutch Master’s to food photography. Not surprisingly, he hails from a family of Flemish painters and cooks. 

“You’ve got to tell a story with your image – whether it’s a product shot or still life,” Scott tells his University photography students. “And you do that by creating beautiful light, choosing the right props and composing with a critical eye. Texture, mood, highlights and shadows need to be considered along with great attention to detail while keeping the set spontaneous.”



One stellar crew

A pinch of laughter

Great props

Fold in a little music to work by (Not always banjo)

A dash of the latest technology

Combine with 25 years of experience

Serves many 



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